Prison Law Advice Line
  • Friday
    10am to 4pm
  • Prisoners can also write to
    FLS Prison Advocacy Program, PO Box 297, Fitzroy, VIC 3065

Legal services for prisoners and their families

The Prison Law Advice Line is staffed by lawyers and paralegal volunteers and provides legal information and advice on matters relating to imprisonment including:
  • Prison conditions and prisoners’ rights including mail, phone calls, visits, food, property, health and medical care, education, employment, exercise etc;
  • Prison discipline charges and hearings;
  • Solitary confinement, segregation, use of restraints and force;
  • Security Classification, placement and transfers;
  • Sentence calculations and sentence management; and
  • Parole.

The FLS Prison Advocacy Program also provides advocacy and legal representation in matters arising under corrections laws; and initial information and referrals on other criminal and civil law matters including bail, criminal appeals, fines and debt.  

To access the phone line from inside prison, prisoners need to request the phone number be placed on their list of approved phone numbers. We recommend prisoners make this request in writing and, if possible, send a copy of the written request to the FLS Prison Advocacy Program at the address above. 

Calls to the Prison Law Advice Line are legal calls and are not subject to monitoring or recording by prison authorities. Letters to and from the service are also legal mail and should not be opened by prison authorities. We recommend all letters to our service be clearly marked “Confidential Legal Mail” on the envelope.

We can also provide legal advice and legal representation in the following ways

Court based services

We may be able to help you on the day of court

Evening legal advice service

We can provide legal advice via a face to face or telephone appointment

Legal support programs

Our programs include:

Family Violence Health Justice Partnerships

Drug Outreach Lawyer program

Criminal Defence practice

Migrant Employment Law Clinic

and more

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