There are many things that can be done by consumers to resolve a breach of contract. Making a complaint, standing your ground and demanding remedy at the earliest opportunity is the most important first step. After that, courts, tribunals and ombudsmen can help resolve disputes.


Gerard Brody

CEO, Consumer Action Law Centre

Self-help for consumers

Last updated

1 July 2021

The first, cheapest and simplest remedy is to complain directly and promptly to the other party; that is – talk about it. This kind of remedy is much less expensive, and usually quicker, than those available from the legal system. Complaints involving companies or shops should be addressed to someone in a position of authority if you have been unable to resolve the problem with the person involved in the original transaction. It is often useful to put your complaint in writing. Where there is a reasonable basis for the complaint, most reputable businesses will give a refund, exchange or repair.

If you cannot get a satisfactory resolution to your problem after writing to a seller or service provider, you still have several options.

Usually, the next best option is to complain to Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV). CAV may be able to help you reach an agreement with a business. CAV can be contacted on 1300 558 181 or a complaint may be lodged via CAV’s website.

If legal proceedings are commenced by the other party, seek legal advice immediately.

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