Under the Residential Tenancies Act landlords’ rights of entry are limited. Tenants can be evicted for being in arrears on rent. VCAT can rule on tenancy disputes. Loans exist in many forms to buy houses. The First Home Owners Grant has strict eligibility. Buyers must be prepared for auction tactics. Buyers pay Stamp Duty and for caveats and Land Registry searches. Owner-builders require the Building Practitioners Board’s consent. Building contracts imply warranties for workmanship and materials. Builders must have public liability insurance. The Building Advice and Conciliation Service Victoria can help with complaints about builders. Legal action should only be a last resort to problems between neighbours. Trees often cause friction. Lighting fires is subject to regulation. Neighbours are responsible for the costs of building or repairing fences. Dog bites should be reported. Restricted breed dogs include Pit Bull Terriers. The use of lawn mowers, power tools, record players and musical instruments may be banned at certain times. Owners corporations must maintain common areas. The dispute resolution provisions of the Owners Corporations Act are complexThe most popular legal structure for a non-profit group is the incorporated association. Alternatives include an unincorporated association, a company limited by guarantee or a co-operative. Car sales from either a motor trader or private seller must follow set procedures. A roadworthiness certificate is mandatory. Motor traders must give a warranty on a used car less than 10 years old. Cancelling a car sales contract, called recission, must be done quickly. Driving infringement notices involve no court hearing. Drink drive and drug drive offences can lead to loss of licence. Detection device or speed camera offences involve a fine and possible demerit points. The sheriff may suspend licence and car registration for non-payment of fines. Licence restoration after a drink driving offence will entail tests, courses, reports and a court appearance. Alcohol interlock devices are widely used. Motor vehicles can be impounded or immobilised motor vehicles for a variety of offences, apart from hoon driving. Repeat offenders may forfeit vehicles. People riding skateboards, roller skates, roller blades and scooters are considered pedestrians. Cyclists are subject to the road rules and liable to penalties for failure to obey traffic lights and stop and give way signs.

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