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More information about dealing with social security

Last updated

1 July 2022


  • The Australian Government Department of Social Services publishes guides to social policy law, including the Social Security Guide and the Family Assistance Guide. Regularly updated, these guides set out the policy rules Centrelink follows in administering all income-security programs. The guides are available at
  • Each year, Centrelink produces up-to-date pamphlets on the pensions and benefits currently available and the rates at which they are paid.
  • Economic Justice Australia (previously called the National Social Rights Network) has a range of useful information available on its website (, including fact sheets (


For information about current payment rates, check the telephone directory or the Centrelink website and call the 13 number (for cost of a local call) relating to the payment you need information about.

The booklet, A Guide to Australian Government Payments, and other information on social security payments, is available on the Australian Government’s Services Australia website.

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