A sustained low national birth rate and increased life expectancy means the ratio of those aged 65-plus increases significantly every year. As such, the laws around how our elderly population is housed and cared for effect more Victorians than ever before. These laws, however, can be quite complex and it is crucial that care receivers understand fully how the aged care system works and, particularly, how it is funded, since any move into this system will, likely, affect recipients for life.

Other legal issues affecting older people

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1 July 2020

Other legal issues affecting older people include:

  • guardianshipsee Chapter 8.6: Guardianship and medical treatment;
  • powers of attorneysee Chapter 8.7: Understanding powers of attorney;
  • wills and estatessee Chapter 9.3: Wills and Chapter 9.4 Estates.

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Health, wills and other legal issues affecting older people

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