Julia Gibby

Senior Solicitor

Key administrative prison bodies

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1 July 2020

Sentence Management Operations

Sentence Management Operations provides a centralised system for the individual assessment of prisoners, including the development of a sentence plan that includes the prisoner’s security rating, their placement location, and their program needs.

Sentence Management Panel

The Sentence Management Panel reviews all remand and sentenced prisoners to determine appropriate security classification and prison placement.

Review and Assessment Committee

Once a prisoner’s initial classification has been determined by the Sentence Management Panel, a Review and Assessment Committee (there is a committee at each prison) monitors and reviews the prisoner’s progress during the course of their sentence. This includes monitoring and reviewing the prisoner’s security classification and placement within the prison. 

This monitoring is necessary as prisoners may be transferred several times during their sentence. Also, the general principle is that most prisoners work their way down the security ratings during their sentence, down to a minimum security rating before being released. This allows them to prepare to be reintegrated into the community.

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