Julia Gibby

Senior Solicitor

Who is responsible for Victoria’s correctional facilities?

Corrections Victoria

Corrections Victoria, which is part of the Victorian Government Department of Justice and Community Safety (‘Department of Justice’), is responsible for the administration of adult correctional facilities. (For Corrections Victoria’s contact details, see ‘Contacts’.)

The Department of Justice implements court judgments, detention orders and supervision orders established in accordance with the Serious Offenders Act 2018 (Vic), orders of the Adult Parole Board, and directions of the Post Sentence Authority. It sets strategy, policy and standards for the management of correctional facilities. It also provides programs for the management and rehabilitation of prisoners and the community based supervision of offenders.

Commissioner of Corrections Victoria

Corrections Victoria is led by a Commissioner of Corrections (‘Commissioner’), who is an executive officer of the Department of Justice. The Commissioner is supported by two Deputy Commissioners and six Assistant Commissioners.

The Commissioner’s role is to assess the performance of all correctional services to achieve the safe custody and welfare of prisoners and offenders and to manage the classification and allocation of prisoners to prisons. Legislation requires the Commissioner to exercise these functions impartially between all providers of correctional services.

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