Leadership Team

Franky Bain

Managing Lawyer Criminal, Outreach and Generalist Services

Meghan Fitzgerald

Special Counsel

Brendan Kelly

Finance and Operations Manager

Kristine Olaris


Megan Pearce

Managing Lawyer, Social Action and Public Interest Law

Adrian Snodgrass

Principal Lawyer, Night Service

Hui Zhou

Principal Lawyer, Legal Practice

Day Practice

Ellen Bicknell

Project Officer, Voices for Change

Deb Brown

Front Office Support

Tristan Brumby-Rendell

Trainee Lawyer

Helen Davidson

Senior Lawyer, Family Law and Family Violence

Tori Diamond

Legal Practice Manager

Laura Gartland

Client Services and Administration Officer

Yasmin Geneva

Senior Criminal Lawyer

Thea Gibson

Drug Outreach Lawyer

Lauren Gordon

Senior Generalist Lawyer

Lucy Hopkinson

Senior Women's Criminal and Outreach Lawyer

Joseph Ishow

Community Lawyer, Family Violence and Family Law

Paul Kidd

Senior Community Lawyer, NJC

Amy Kirwan

Project Coordinator, Lawyers Enhancing People Project

Sally Krutsch

Community Lawyer, Family Law and Family Violence

Sophie L'Estrange

Community Education and Projects Officer

Jade Lane

Project Coordinator, Women’s Work without Barriers Project

Rafaella Lawrie

Specialist Family Violence Court Administration Officer

Rebecca Leighton

Paralegal, Family Law

Amre Levy

Family Lawyer

Shamila Liyanage

Community Lawyer and Coordinator, Family Violence HJPs

Kath O’Callaghan

Community Outreach Lawyer

Madeleine Lynch

Community Lawyer, Family Law and Family Violence

Odette Shenfield

Outreach Lawyer

Bess Smallwood

Community Outreach Lawyer

Matilda Taggart

Community Lawyer, Family Law & Family Violence

Linda Waters

Family Violence Lawyer

Adam Willson

Senior Drug Outreach Lawyer

Finance, Publications & Volunteers

Anna Caleo

Volunteer Program Coordinator

Naomi Saligari

Law Handbook Editor

Tuvan Vuong

Finance Assistant

Night Service

Em Collard

Administration Officer, Night Service

Glen Ludbrook

Night Service Coordinator, Reservoir

Morgan Nyland

Senior Lawyer, Employment Law

Grace Pittar

Paralegal, Migrant Employment Law Clinic

Mark Rawlings

Night Service Coordinator, Fitzroy