Senior Leadership

Hamish McLachlan (he/him)

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Shane Marr (he/him)

Chief Operating Officer

Gayathri Paramasivam (she/her)

Legal Director, Day Practice

Ryan Hsu (he/they)

Service Director, Q+Law

Rebecca Johnston-Ryan (she/her)

Service Director and Principal Lawyer, Night Service

Jo Ferrari (she/her)

Executive Assistant to CEO

Finance and Operations

Shane Marr (he/him)

Chief Operating Officer

Laura Gartland (she/her)

Legal Practice Manager

Felicity de Lang (she/her)

Manager, People and Culture

Tuvan Vuong (she/her)

Finance Assistant

Candace Johnson (she/her)

Finance Officer

Charlie Brennan (he/him)

Client Services and Administration Officer

Deb Brown (she/her)

Front Office Coordinator, Reservoir

Rafaella Lawrie (she/her)

Specialist Family Violence Administration Officer

James Kempster (he/him)

Client Services Intake Assistant

Emma Lang (she/her)

Communications and Fundraising Lead

Criminal Law and Drug Outreach

Adam Willson (he/him)

Managing Lawyer

Kevin Nguyen (he/him)

Community Lawyer, Neighbourhood Justice Centre

Tristan Brumby-Rendell (he/him)

Drug Outreach Lawyer

Tessa Di Paola (she/her)

Senior Community Lawyer, Neighbourhood Justice Centre

Eve Dickenson (she/her)

Trainee Lawyer

Generalist and Integrated Services Team

Lauren Gordon (she/her)

Managing Lawyer

Peter Sublet (he/him)

Senior Generalist Lawyer

Rebecca Leighton (she/her)

Community Outreach Lawyer

Julia Wallace (she/her)

Community Outreach Lawyer, St Vincent's HJP

Paloma Cole (she/her)

Community Lawyer, Q+Law and GIST

Michelle Goldberg (she/her)

Senior Lawyer, WILO

Sinead Tobin (she/her)

Social Worker, WILO

Belinda Anderson (she/her)

Social Worker, WILO

Nick Newlands (he/him)

Senior Migration Lawyer

Social Action and Public Interest Law

Amity Mara (she/her)

Manager, Policy Advocacy and Projects

Meghan Fitzgerald (they/them)

Managing Lawyer, Strategic Litigation

Kelly Whitworth (she/her)

Membership and Outreach Coordinator, Voices for Change

Sophie L'Estrange (she/her)

Lawyer, Strategic Litigation and Social Action

Bess Smallwood (she/her)

Policy and Systemic Advocacy Officer

Gabrella Bezabih (she/her)

Community Legal Education Officer

Jia Kho (she/her)

Project Coordinator, Work Without Barriers


Ryan Hsu (he/they)

Service Director

Kelly Cassidy (she/they/he)

Principal Lawyer

Joseph Ishow (he/him)

Senior Community Lawyer

Tara Suamba (they/them)

Community Lawyer

Paloma Cole (she/her)

Community Lawyer, Q+Law and GIST

Khoi Nguyen (he/them)

Community Engagement and Legal Education Officer

Elizabeth Griggs (they/them)

Client Intake and Administration Officer

Family Law and Family Violence

Madeleine Lynch (she/her)

Managing Lawyer

Linda Waters (she/her)

Senior Family Violence Lawyer

Sophie Jest (she/they)

Senior Community Lawyer

Gatwech Wal (he/him)

Community Lawyer

Christina Potts (she/her)

Community Lawyer

Kath O'Callaghan (she/her)

Community Lawyer

Raphaelle Stewart (she/her)

Community Lawyer

Family Law - Private Practice

Amre Levy (he/him)

Family Lawyer

Meg Whittaker (she/her)

Legal Secretary

Night Service

Rebecca Johnston-Ryan (she/her)

Service Director and Principal Lawyer

Glen Ludbrook (he/him)

Night Service Coordinator, Reservoir

Mark Rawlings (he/him)

Night Service Coordinator, Fitzroy

Morgan Nyland (he/him)

Senior Lawyer, Migrant Employment Law

Yu Wang (he/him)

Lawyer, Migrant Employment Law Clinic

Em Collard (they/them)

Night Service Administration Officer

Zaynab Sheriffdeen (she/her)

Volunteer Program Coordinator

Erin O'Dwyer (she/her)

Law Handbook Editor