We provide volunteers with the opportunity to work in a supportive and enriching environment and to do work that will be of direct benefit to the community.

Our lifeblood: Volunteers have always been at the heart of the services FLS provides to the community, and we rely heavily on the expertise and commitment of outstanding volunteers.

The pandemic effect: The interruptions to the volunteer program and the cancellation of face-to-face collaboration over the last two years has been devastating to the work and services FLS provides. As of May 2022 our Night Service clinics are restarting and our Day Service volunteers are making a comeback to onsite volunteering. Building back the volunteer program after the pandemic and with COVID safe procedures and processes is a priority for us here at FLS.

Looking to volunteer? We are slowly bringing back our onsite clinics and are looking for specific experienced volunteers to assist.

  1. Our Onsite Night Service Clinic in Reservoir is looking for advice giving lawyers to volunteer their time on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. If you can advise on family law, criminal law, IVOs, general civil matters, then please contact us (details below)
  2. Our onsite Night Service Clinic in Fitzroy is looking for lawyers with current PCs to assist with giving legal advice to clients on Mondays, Thursdays or Fridays. Areas of law are as above, and including employment, tenancy, animal law.

If you want to apply, please send your CV and cover letter to Jessica Ness; Volunteer Coordinator FLS; jness@fls.org.au