Fines and infringements and other penalties demand attention otherwise driver’s licences can be suspended or vehicles or other property seized. Illegal drug charges may be subject to leniency via diversion schemes but cultivation, importation and/or trafficking may result in substantial prison sentences. Sexual offences are defined and court processes to protect victims described. Sexual harassment is defined along with available remedies. What are police search and arrest powers, and when do they take fingerprints?  Understand the different steps in a criminal prosecution and whether you can seek bail. Corrections Victoria administers the prison system. Prisoners still possess rights including to receive mail and visitors while incarcerated. But the use of police checks of criminal records can limit opportunities even after parole conditions have been met and the prisoner released.

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Arrest, search, interrogation and your rights
Drug offences
Drug offences: Contacts
Fines and infringements
How bail works
Imprisonment, supervision and prisoner rights
Sex work
Sexual offences
Understanding criminal records
Which court for which crime?