There are many things that can be done by consumers to resolve a breach of contract. Making a complaint, standing your ground and demanding remedy at the earliest opportunity is the most important first step. After that, courts, tribunals and ombudsmen can help resolve disputes.


Gerard Brody

CEO, Consumer Action Law Centre

Financial counselling for consumers

Last updated

1 July 2021

Consumers experiencing financial difficulties can obtain free advice from the National Debt Helpline.

National Debt Helpline
Tel: 1800 007 007 (Monday to Friday, 9.30 am to 4.30 pm)

The National Debt Helpline provides a free, independent and confidential financial counselling service.

Counsellors have an extensive knowledge of a range of areas of law and policy, including consumer credit law, debt enforcement practices, bankruptcy, industry hardship policies and government financial concessions.

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